My first Harley
I recently purchased my first HD from CCC. Previously I had metric cruisers. This is the third bike that I have purchased from them. I toyed with the idea of buying this bike over several days. Whenever I went in to see the bike and ask numerous questions, Josh, Bob and Mike were very patient and helpful and answered my questions. We discussed several other bikes before I settled on the CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Josh suggested that they could switch out the shocks to lower the bike for me and install footboards for my passenger. When I picked up the bike, Josh went over everything on it with me and even pre-set my radio stations. After picking the bike up, whenever I had a question about something on it, Josh and Zak answered my questions knowing that I was a HD newbie. I never considered going anywhere except Classy Chassis for another bike. Whether you are in the market to purchase a Harley or a metric bike, or have your bike serviced, no matter the make, I highly recommend them. Everyone is very friendly, courteous and willing to help you . They treat you like you are a friend. Over the years of having my Goldwing and then my Vulcan serviced by them, no one ever mocked me for having a metric cruiser nor did anyone ever suggest that I should consider a Harley. Now that I have ridden my bike for over a month, I love it, and I only wish that Josh or someone else there had suggested that it was time to take a walk on the wild-side, and get a Harley. They are too professional for that. They let you make your own decision on what you want, only offer facts about the bikes and never sway your decision one way or another. I can't say enough good things about all of the staff. (Employee: Josh Hinan)
Bob Coleman
We were really happy to see such an awesome guy get onto that great bike. It suits you well and it was our pleasure to have you into the store as often as you were making sure you picked out what was right for you. We thank you for your business and on-going support past, present and future. Cheers Bob!
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