ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From the very first day that I walked into Classy Chassis - Zak, Hayley and Kenny made me feel like family, and that I was THE most important customer ever. From Zak and Hayley's skills and talents to find parts for a 22 year old Intruder, to Kenny's awesome mechanic work and his phenomenal crafting modifications skills... Classy Chassis is THE place to go to get your bike (metric or otherwise) repaired! Based on my experience, I would be willing to say that ALL the staff of Classy Chassis are absolutely amazing at helping their customers get what they need to ride! (Employee: Zak Munn, Hayley , Kenny Sneddon)
Jim Millward
Jeez Jim, you are making us blush! But we do really thank you for being a continued customer and sharing with others how your experiences have been. We greatly appreciate your feedback and letting others know about your experiences with us; cheers.
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