Super Kind Folks
My Name is Natalie and I am the proud owner of the Classy Chassis Family Heirloom Bike, a TOTALLY ROCKIN' 1990 Honda Hawk! I am so grateful to have crossed paths with this kind hearted, totally professional, dedicated, family run business. There is a spirit amongst this place that is both positive and open-minded; all are welcome. I adore Char, the hardest-working Mom in rock 'n roll. Josh and Zak are exceptional men with big hearts and good souls. My two new faves Kenny and Trevor (mechs) make me and my bike feel safe. They are both trustworthy and great mechanics. I've only met Hayley a few times but I like her vibes. I'm looking forward to getting to know her. Long story short, I HIGHLY recommend (everywhere I go) that you let these folks take care of your bike, you need the kind of reliability these guys have, across the board, to be safe on the road. Ride Safe, Natalie (Employee: Kenny Sneddon, Charlene Hinan, Hayley , Josh Hinan, Trevor Cushing, Zak Munn)
Natalie Williams
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